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Pediatric Residency, Special Olympics, Taiwanese

I am a Taiwanese-Canadian woman and I earned my DDS last month in Canada, May, 2014. I have now relocated to the USA and I am looking forward to being selected for a full immersion experience in a residency program leading to a Diploma in Pediatric Dentistry. Having grown up in Canada, I have long been fascinated by the diversity of the USA and deeply admire advancement made in dentistry here as well. Thus, in particular, I hope to be chosen by a program that places a high value on diversity as well as a top priority on prevention in pediatric dentistry.

Probably the single strongest aspect of my application to your competitive program is my extensive experience with the Special Olympics Healthy Smiles Project, during my last two years of dental school in Canada. As a Taiwanese woman, diversity matters to me and I feel strongly that it enhances our community events and ultimately helps to make our dental outreach more effective. Since I was raised in Canada from the age of 5 on, I have decided to continue my professional career development in the USA a pediatric dentistry residency program in a new geographical and cultural context, for the sake of diversity itself and to cultivate my sense of self as a global dentist facing worldwide challenges.

I like to see myself as an Olympian dentist, in fact, because of the great and special challenges presented by the oral health care of special needs children, the cause that will always have a special place in my heart as a dentist, and the area of dentistry in which I hope to teach and publish when I am further along in my career. Thus, I seek intense contact with other like minded professionals in my area, especially those who place a top priority like I do on preventive dentistry for children. I decided to pursue further training and experience in the US for a variety of reasons but because I especially enjoy getting to know people from all over the world and I particularly love the numerous cultural expressions and celebrations of diversity that occur in urban America.

My special wish is to be selected to a program that has a very strong foundation in the area of preventative care for children. My experience with the child and adolescent athletes of our Special Olympics has enabled me to learn to deal with dentistry patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities in creative ways that celebrate their unique achievements and contributions through sports experiences. We did what we call a ‘health promotion event “where I volunteered to give oral hygiene instructions and perform oral exams for the athletes. Most of the athletes were pediatric patients, and many told me that they had never gone to a dentist before. This relaxed environment as part of a sports event helped to create a relaxed and, therefore, effective clinical environment. As a result of my numerous consultations with parents, I soon came to better appreciate how many parents and guardians of special athletes face an uphill battle to provide adequate dental care to their children. Some patients simply did not have sufficient motor skill development for effective oral hygiene habits, some could not hold onto a tooth brush. After volunteering for two consecutive years at these events, my passion increased incrementally for the cause of facilitating access to adequate dental care for special needs patients. By being given the opportunity to complete your distinguished program in pediatric dentistry, I will be greatly furthering my capacity to provide exceptional care to special needs children for the balance of my professional life, many decades to come.

I keenly look forward to beginning your program so that I can think about little other than pediatric dentistry. My pediatric rotations during my junior and senior years of dental school in Canada where among the most enriching of my lie. Working as a volunteer at the Downtown Peds Clinic and as an intern in another position have helped me to feel relaxed with experience, and always at ease even in the face of our greatest challenges.

I thank you for consideration of my application to your program.

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