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AEPD, Advanced Ed Pediatric Dentistry, Hispanic

I have maintained a direct path to the opportunity and challenge of an Advanced Education Pediatric Dentistry (AEPD) program. Pediatric Dentistry is my particular passion, my lifeblood, and the area that I know best because I spend so much time reading, writing, and discussing pediatric dentistry. While raised mainly in the USA, I was born in El Salvador and returned there to complete dental school because I want to specialize throughout my lifetime in the area of dental care for Central Americans. For me, what is most important is that, as a dentist from El Salvador and the USA, I already have one foot in the door with one of the largest underserved communities in the United States, undocumented Hispanic immigrants and their children.

In my experience, patience, a gentle demeanor, and a solid grasp of pain management are essential for success as a pediatric dentist. It is up to us to ensure that the experience of children in the dental clinic is pleasant, demonstrating how and why a Dentist can and should be trusted, someone who cares and has only the child's best interest in mind. At the same time that care is generally our central focus, I also feel strongly that efforts to educate parents on the importance of primary teeth and preventive home care must also be a high priority.

Completing your distinguished AEPD program will allow me to increase not only my direct patient exposure and clinical skills but also broaden my grasp of orthodontics, restorative dentistry, oral surgery and rehabilitation, and general anesthesia. I look forward to becoming increasingly engaged in research, and I hope to publish in the future in the area of dental caries in pediatric patients among undocumented residents of the USA, originally from Central America and the Caribbean.

Becoming ABPD certified will enable me to bring my goals and dreams to reality in the service of non-English speaking Latinos on the US East Coast.  I hope to use the dental practice that I will establish as a springboard for dental mission work back home in El Salvador, my homeland, and in time, perhaps, throughout Central America. Most of all, I look forward to filling a great need for training Salvadorian dentists in pediatric dentistry.

I anticipate being able to excel in your program because of my solid academic grounding in Dentistry, my experience of a Pedodontic rotation, externship work serving the mentally/physically disabled, OR, and full-mouth reconstruction experience. I have most enjoyed working alongside Pediatric Chief Residents, subbing for Pediatric Residents, and gaining general anesthesia, IV sedation, and emergency dental care experience. Outside the OR, I spent weekends at a private practice in the Bronx, seeing mostly pedo patients.

 I thank you for your consideration of my application to your program.

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