Orthodontic Residency, Hispanic Applicant, Latina

I am a woman who adores the human smile, which I see as our window to the soul and our most effective form of communication. I am fully dedicated to life-long education in the search for ways that conventional methods and techniques of orthodontics and orthignathic surgery can be enhanced so as to further improve our facial profile, especially through technological improvements. I look forward to bringing the perspective of a seasoned practitioner to your esteemed program, having already served as an Associate Dentist for long hours with three different dental offices since September of 2009, following my graduation from Dental School at UXXX. I am able to communicate exceptionally well with patients since I always place a top priority on gaining their trust. I am a sensitive and compassionate woman with a proven track record of community service.

 My parents immigrated to America from Mexico 34 years ago. Neither finished grade school and to this day they continue to work in the produce industry. I am the first in my family to pursue higher education. Being a Latina, raised in a Latino community where it is much more common to become pregnant as a teenager than to go to college, I feel a profound duty to reach out to younger generations, serving as a role model, encouraging them to prepare for and achieve a college education, setting and reaching professional goals.  To this day, in my home town community, there is not a single Latino orthodontist. I especially look forward to continuing to educate Hispanic patients, addressing any questions or concerns that they might have in their native language.  

My sister suffered from severe Cl 2, div 1 malocclusion, and the dental care that she received also served to inspire me to become a dentist, witnessing her dramatic, physical transformation and the subsequent improvement in her self esteem. I was also inspired by my parents who worked extra hours on top of already long shifts in order to correct her smile so that she could be confident. This is also one of my personal inspirations that accounts for my profound dedication to providing free dental care to people of scarce economic resources. I have long had a special interest in orthodontics, focusing on orthodontic case studies during my time at UXXX. While I deeply enjoy the practice of general dentistry, I feel that something is missing at end of day. Observing orthodontist in my community has further solidified my passion for this field. I especially appreciate the level of profound communication with patients to which the orthodontist is privileged and the special joy of being able to contribute so much to the patients self esteem. I have been especially inspired to pursue this area by orthodontists Rogers and Mitchell.

Probably the most competitive aspect of my credentials is my track record in service to the underserved. Despite the rigors of dental school, I made the time to serve as UXXX´s Community Dental Clinic Coordinator from 2005 through 2008, providing free dental care to San Francisco´s homeless population. My duties included networking with shelters, screening and scheduling, recruiting providers, maintain inventory, etc. It was my privilege of serving as a Treasurer for the American Dental Association from 2006 through 2007, developing and executing fundraising events, developing and managing our budget. I also served as Secretary for the Hispanic Dental Association from 2007 through 2008, where I was responsible for taking meeting minutes and uploading them to our website, also attending numerous national meetings and keeping our members informed concerning our organization´s activities on a national level.

 From 2006 through 2009, I worked with the ADEA´s High School Outreach Program, serving as a guide and mentor to high school students from all over Northern California; educating them on careers in the health field. I have worked with the St Joseph Dental Clinic, providing dental care and education to children and teenagers in Santa Rosa county; and I am still assisting the XXXX County Department of Education as a Dental Adviser for the migrant program, helping the local community of farm laborers, providing education concerning the causes of tooth decay and periodontal disease, proper oral hygiene and nutritional counseling. In addition to helping XXXX´s Mobile Clinic, I also continue to assist with the XXXX Community Dental Clinic, visiting elementary schools in Watsonville County, providing exams and cleanings, in addition to travelling to farm labor camps to provide care to young farm laborers who otherwise would not receive routine care. I have worked as a volunteer in convalescent homes, providing exams, cleanings, restorative procedures, and prosthodontic care for residents. And I have helped the WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) center, providing dental screenings to pregnant women and their children.

 I especially love the way in which, practicing orthodontics, people are actually happy to be in the dental chair, as opposed to general dentistry where patients often do not look forward to coming in for treatment. While I have not yet had orthodontic treatment myself, once I am accepted into an orthodontics program, I look forward to improving my own smile as well and sharing my joy with colleagues and patients, as well as my sister who suffered so from teasing in school about her buck teeth: we will always share our beautiful smile together in special ways. I hope to have the profound privilege of giving my all to your program, serving, in the words of my mentor, Dr. XXXX, as a "life coach" to younger generations. I thank you for considering me for your program.

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