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DDS International, Orthodontics Assistant, Armenian

Coming from a solid and well-educated middle-class family in Armenia, where all members of my family had good jobs, I was discouraged by my family from pursuing a career in dentistry as it was seen as reaching too high, trying to be too noble, bringing unnecessary burdens upon myself and my family in the future, a professional role that was better filled by a man who would not be charged with the responsibility of motherhood. But I put my foot down and did what I wanted to do, completing dental school as well as a dental internship in Armenia before following my husband to America in 2002 to build a new home for ourselves and the three beautiful children that we now have. I was seen as a student with great potential to excel as a dentist in Armenia, which is why I received a full scholarship for dental school, based on my academic merit.

My husband had to sacrifice his dream of becoming a medical doctor to support us in America. He works in construction and is a hard worker and a very supportive husband. He wants very much as well for me to realize my dream of earning a dental degree in America as it would represent a great triumph for our entire family.

I ended up having to take almost a decade off from dentistry for us to make the transition to America, to establish ourselves, achieve our economic security, and to be a mother, spending the early years with my children, who are now getting more prominent. I returned to dentistry and the workforce in March of 2011 and began by working with several doctors as an orthodontic assistant. I chose this area of dentistry because it is the area that I find most fascinating, and I hope to distinguish myself professionally in the future as an Orthodontist.

Since 2012, I have worked as an Orthodontic Assistant for Dr. XXXX, owner of XXXX Braces, which comprises a total of 10 clinics in NJ and NY. I have worked in several different clinics. What I have most admired over my last four years working as an Orthodontics Assistant is the beauty of the close relationships that an orthodontist develops with his patients. In fact, I find every aspect of orthodontics practice in America to be very stimulating, everything to which I have thus far been exposed: meeting and working with new people, the process of diagnosis, helping people who were suffering, and bringing smiles to their faces.

These past years working as an Orthodontics Assistant have made me fall in love with dentistry all over again. I strongly feel that now is the right time for me to fully dedicate my time to continue studying and to make my knowledge gained both in Armenia and America to benefit my career. In fact, several of the doctors that I work with have encouraged me to return to dental school. They inspired me to believe that I can provide more as a fully recognized and accredited professional than as an assistant.

I think that I have become a well-appreciated dental assistant in the area of orthodontics primarily because of my professional experience in dentistry in Armenia. This experience helped me to become a quick learner and to rapidly acquire the ability to perform a variety of tasks in practice all at the same time. While still in Armenia, I completed various dental activities, from check-ups to extractions and restorations as called for. Before I left, I was working on the development of a particular focus in pediatric dentistry, studying and engaging with my colleagues concerning how to help children to understand the importance of oral hygiene better and also how to make them more comfortable in the dental office. In addition to working full-time in a dental clinic for two years after completing dental school, I also worked as a volunteer for 15 hours each week until 2002, when I immigrated to the USA.

One of the things that are closest to my heart among my experiences in dentistry here in America has been the chance to work with special needs patients while assisting Dr. XXXX at XXXX Braces. In fact, this experience has inspired me to such an extent that I now feel strongly that I want to pursue a specialization in dental care for special-needs patients. I have also volunteered my time in this past year working with Dr. XXXX at XXXX Dentistry, helping him to set up programs in elementary schools teaching children about prophylactic teeth cleaning. Most of all, however, I am excited about a return to full-time study in dentistry. My aspiration for excellence and success within the dental profession will undoubtedly help make a difference in the lives of the future. I sincerely appreciate this opportunity, and I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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