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MSc Prosthodontics, Saudi Dentist

Pleased with my success at only 27, I attribute my achievement to a lot of hard work and an excellent environment that always encouraged education. I grew up in Saudi Arabia, appreciating the value of international education and multi-cultural experiences in an atmosphere of commitment to our community, always aiming for the ideal of bettering the lives of those that we are blessed to share our lives with.

 I have worked very hard for many years now to attain the position I have long sought, serving as a full-time clinical instructor in the Department of Prosthodontics at XXXX University’s College of Dentistry. I have mastered the field that I have chosen in my home country and am dedicated to lifelong education for the ongoing enhancement of my skills and resources. Thus, I seek continued education in a high-ranking master’s program in Prosthodontics.

 I seek the M.Sc. Degree in Prosthodontics and certification by the American Board of Prosthodontics so that I can continue my life’s work more effectively here in Saudi Arabia. Dental aesthetics has become of increasing importance in my country, especially since the advent of new, exciting materials that have come to replace gold, having a much more life-like appearance and better contributing to the patient's general oral health. We are working mightily in Saudi Arabia to stay near the cutting-edge in implant dentistry.

I look forward to many decades to come of teaching and research, continuing to publish in journals in my field, and, in addition, always staying active with hands-on experience.

Regarding my professional goals beyond graduation, I want to serve my community and country by becoming a faculty member in the Prosthodontic Department at XXXX University. I ask for your support by accepting me into your program, especially insofar as I am dedicated to using my position at the University to assume a leading role in the Saudi Board of Prosthodontics for the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, in addition to contributing to ongoing research in our discipline.  Through active research and involvement in the extended dental professional community, I hope to help establish my University as an academic leader in Prosthodontics, patient care, research, and reflection, especially for Saudi Arabia.

 I want to thank you for considering my application, and I keenly look forward to meeting your academic community dedicated to enhancing the smile. I think we all see the smile as a curve that helps to set things straight. I find enormous contentment in the privilege of laboring on behalf of the smile of my people. Even on a spiritual level, a beautiful smile is sublime communication. I show my pride in this field by working as diligently as I can in the struggle to promote our commonly held professional ideals.

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