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MDS Masters Orthodontics, Saudi Arabian Applicant

I am a young Saudi Arabian man who is very devoted to his calling, dentistry, especially Orthodontics. I am applying to your particularly distinguished MDS program at the University of XXXX because I hope to be accepted to a program on the cutting-edge of Orthodontics. My long-term goal is to distinguish myself as a professor of Orthodontics in my native Saudi Arabia, perhaps someday becoming a program director.

I would be incredibly proud to complete my advanced training at the University of XXXX since your program is part of the world’s oldest dental school, something which I find very fascinating and compelling. I hope to be selected to attend your program based on my most central long-term goal, to work tirelessly to reduce costs and enhance quality through technological and procedural advances in Orthodontic care in the Middle East. I live in work in Jeddah, the most international of Saudi cities, and I appreciate how this coincides nicely with my desire to become, increasingly, an ‘international’ dentist, trained at one of the world’s oldest and finest institutions.

I earned my Bachelor of Dental Medicine and Surgery (BDS) in May of 2012. Since November of 2013, I have been serving in my current position as a  Clinical Demonstrator in our maxillofacial radiology lab at the XXXX Dental & Nursing College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I have also worked for a private dental clinic that is affiliated with our college. Additionally, I have labored to distinguish myself in community service because I feel that this is particularly important for members of our profession, on behalf of events for several different causes, most prominently programs devoted to raising consciousness about diabetes and disability. I have also had the profound privilege of serving with a team on a mobile clinic providing service to the underserved.

I adore both physical and spiritual beauty, and I find both to be best expressed in the smile, the center of my world. Thus, I seek to devote my professional life fully to the cause of orthodontics. I hope to benefit enormously from being selected to participate in your highly competitive program so that I will receive extensive training and experience on the cutting edge of orthodontics in a genuinely state-of-the-art program. I see my intense passion for Orthodontics as the principal ingredient of success, and this is why I believe that I almost always scored right near the top on my examinations throughout dental school, especially in the area of orthodontics.

Giving people hope and enabling their recovery makes me feel very much alive at the service of my community. This is why I want to devote the rest of my life to the promotion of beautiful smiles and perfect bites not only in Saudi Arabia, but throughout the Middle East. I feel strongly that our world region could benefit from greater levels of international collaboration in health care. I hope to contribute to progressive advancement in Orthodontics throughout the Middle East. I want to serve as part of teams in creating orthodontics programs that institute the highest levels of quality possible for new generations of orthodontists in the Middle East.

I thank you for your consideration of my application to your program.

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