Masters Prosthodontics Saudi Arabia

While I am a Saudi Arabian dentist, I was born in the United States and am, therefore, a citizen. Now, I very much want to return to the country of my birth to further my studies in my chosen field. I want to attend graduate school in the United States of America because I feel strongly that they have the best dental programs in the world and I want very much to earn a clinical certificate as well as a Masters Degree in Prosthodontics.

I am a very serious and hard working individual who is very dedicated to his work. For many years now, the practice of dentistry has stood at the center of my life and I devote all of my energy to this area, learning and studying as much as I can so as to become the finest dentist that I can possibly be. At 27, I feel that my hard work has paid off and I profoundly enjoy my work as a dental surgeon. I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of dental biomaterials and dental adhesives

I am a firm believer in the importance of professional association and I have participated in many conferences of dental professionals in Saudi Arabia. I have also worked as a volunteer with public health programs designed to raise awareness about preventative health care and importance of good diet to a health teeth. My colleagues and I have paid special attention to orphan children in our country, making certain that all of their dental needs are taken care of. And I have worked very hard for a long time doing research in Dentistry, in the areas of dental emergencies and the oral health care of children. Your program will enable me to contribute even more to the oral health care of my people. 

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