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Master’s Orthodontics, Chinese, Thai

A Thai-American man, I will be graduating with my DDM Degree from the XXXX School of Dentistry & Oral Health this coming June, 2015 and it is my hope to begin your program in Orthodontics at XXXX University right away, so as to continue my studies, specializing in the area of dentistry for which I have the greatest passion, Orthodontics. Still only 26 years old, I have worked for a variety of dentists for the past 9 years, cultivating a special interest in the business aspects of dentistry, especially accounting, as well as patient care, all of which has been facilitated by the fact that I earned my BS in Business Administration in 2010 from UXXX.

In addition to being responsible for patient financial accounts and records in my places of employment, with increasing frequency over the years, I have assisted orthodontists with procedures and dental laboratory work, provided instructions to patients and preparing equipment and materials. I see everything that I have accomplished so far as preparation for distinguishing myself in your distinguished program in Orthodontics.

My short term goal is to complete your program and to begin to practice dentistry full time as an orthodontist. My long term goals, however, have to do with my contribution to the underserved. Progressively, as the years pass by, I hope to spend more and more time dedicated to volunteer work on behalf of the underserved. I have had this long term goal of service for many years, especially as a result of my experiences in Thailand from June through August of 2007, serving as a Hospital Manager in Bangkok. I especially enjoyed providing Chinese, Thai, and English translations for foreign patients as well as running the hospital and attending personally to as many patients as I could.

I hope that my application to your distinguished and competitive program at XXU will be look upon with favor not only because I have established myself as a leader and very hard worker, but also because of my opportunity to contribute to the diversity of your program as a trilingual Asian who speaks two prominent Asian languages. In fact, I have been to both Taiwan (2 months) and China (4 months) to participate in language exchange programs. I also went to East Timor for one month to participate in a dental mission.

I am applying to your distinguished program because I would like very much to earn the MS Degree in Dentistry in the area of Orthodontics so as to complete my professional education in this specialty, becoming an American Board Certified Orthodontist. My mother is an alumnus of your dental program at XXXX University. She studied under Dr. XXXX (Chairman 1976-1991) who I also had the privilege to meet and I admire him very much. Thus, in addition to my profound admiration for the academic strength of your program and cutting edge facilities, I also have sentimental reasons for wanting to complete my education in Orthodontics at the University of XXXX. Perhaps most importantly, I have an especially profound admiration for the way in which you are dedicated to the advancement of oral health as an aspect of overall wellbeing.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

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