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To Whom it May Concern,

I am proud to recommend Dr. XXXX as a candidate for admission to your distinguished DDS Program for International Dentists. My name is Dr. XXXX and I have been serving as the Head of the Departments of Orthodontics and Dento Facial Orthopedics at XXXX University for approximately the past six years. I remember XXXX well as an outstanding student of Orthodontics while she was in her final year of our dental program. I remember both her enthusiasm and radiant smile in person as well her outstanding scores—on both our internal exams as well as the university board exams in Orthodontics—which caught my eye and made me proud to be her Orthodontics professor.

XXXX was recognized among her peers as having outstanding handwork skills and excelled in particular in our wire bending practical classes. Along with her great assessment and planning skills, she is a quick learner who always completed her assignments on time. Her profound passion for Orthodontics is reflected in the fact that she makes everyone around her smile.

Attending your program will give her the opportunity to fully develop her enormous potential in dentistry and to contribute to our ongoing struggle to make Orthodontic care as effective, affordable, and accessible as possible, exploring global issues in dentistry alongside classmates from all over the world. I have long been pleased with the great solidarity between India and the United States in the area of dentistry and it pleases me greatly to envision XXXX succeeding in America, never forgetting where she came from and always thinking about returning someday to help us here in India. Please email me when you need more information.

Best regards,


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