LOR, Letter of Recommendation, Indian Dentist

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX and I first met XXXX when we welcomed his incoming class of students to our dental program at the Government Dental College & Hospital of Vijayawada, in India, where I serve as a Department Head in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics. He was still a teenager.  I was impressed by his especially polite and respectful manner, greeting professors and staff. I could not more heartily recommend my student XXXX for your international dentist program in the USA.

We usually host a party every year for the incoming batch of students and as a part of it, allow the new students to exhibit their talents. XXXX demonstrated his acting talent, imitating one of our best know actors in India and elicited shouts of glee and whistles from his audience. XXXX distinguished himself just as much in his extra-curricular undertakings as he did with his academic excellence, always near or at the top of his class and our program is one of the most rigorous and competitive in our State, Utter Pradesh.  XXXX has proven himself as a top-notch candidate for further study and professional advancement.

I have always closely observed the instruction taking place in our institution and I tended to observe XXXX at length as a student because I preferred observing those students with the greatest ability. He has a great ability with his hands matched only by his determination. I watched as he refused to stop until he had attended artistically to the smallest details of cavity preparation. His high performance is constant and he clearly gives 100% to the mastery of dentistry as an art form. A principled person, he has great discipline and devotion to selfless service to humanity. I have observed him putting patients at ease, treating them in a very kind and gentle manner that gained their confidence, facilitated the treatment, and easing the patient’s discomfort. It is the handful of especially gifted and exemplary students like him that enhance our reputation as an institution.

XXXX participated in several camps conducted in rural villages in our part of India, providing free dental services to those who did not have access as well as increasing oral hygiene awareness. He was active in organizing events during which he took the whole responsibility and made sure that the events were conducted in a smooth way, winning great appreciation for his efforts. He also strived to create a better atmosphere for his fellow students and the new batches that were arriving by serving as the Vice-President of our Students and Interns Association.

XXXX would surely prove to be an asset to your institution and the advanced training he receives will help him to shine in the field of dentistry with his great skill and very humane touch.  It would be a great pleasure for me to provide you with any additional information concerning XXXX and his qualifications.


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