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LOR from Periodontist, Korean

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX, DDS, MSD, PhD and I am a periodontist. I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of my colleague Dr. XXXX, one of the most dedicated and talented dentists with whom I have had the opportunity to work with side-by-side throughout the course of my extensive career in dentistry. This is especially true of XXXX with respect to Periodontics. He has shadowed and assisted me in this area on a regular basis for the past two years and his curiosity about and devotion to the cutting edge of Periodontics has no parallel based on my experience. I am convinced that Dr. XXXX would be an asset and a credit to the Periodontal Residency Program that makes the excellent decision to select him.

I have been going to the clinic where XXXX serves as the managing dentist every month for the past two years to provide periodontal procedures including implant placements, Gingival grafts, and gingivoplasty. Over the course of this period, while XXXX has been observing and assisting me with my duties, I have also had the opportunity to observe him as he attends to his own responsibilities, including full responsibility for comprehensive examinations and a broad array of dental treatments and procedures. XXXX does a most admirable job of managing multiple specialists in the care of dental patients facing very difficult challenges. I have always admired his communication and leadership as well as general management skills.

I consider myself to be XXXX’s mentor and it is both an honor and a pleasure. I lead a local study and discussion group focused on the interdisciplinary issues surrounding Periodontics where we help each other with treatment planning – always in search of the most solid foundation upon which to proceed for each and every patient whose case is especially complex or challenging. XXXX ‘s devotion to lifetime education, particularly with respect to Periodontics, has enabled him to assume a leadership role in our study group and to be the contributor who works the hardest in his own research initiatives, building upon the numerous online and hands-on continuing education courses that he has taken in this and related areas. 

I see Dr. XXXX has enormous potential to make extremely important contributions to our field of Periodontics if selected for advanced training in this area, particularly with respect to new technologies and techniques. My colleague XXXX is not driven by the prospect of economic gain. Rather, the reverse is quite true. He is now planning to live on a reduced income compared to what he is actually earning, so as to return to the academy and advance in his field so as to prepare himself for his ultimate contribution in years to come to the numerous challenges that we face in Periodontics.



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