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Dental School Admission, Iranian Woman, Pre-Med

My uncle and brother are dentists, and so dentistry was certainly a career that I considered when I left school, but I decided that I would pursue a business career. I graduated ‘summa cum Laude with a GPA score of 4.0 in Business from the University of XXXX, but I soon after decided that a business career was not going to provide the kind of satisfaction that I needed. I wanted to help people in a direct and personal way, and when I compared my working day to that of my brother, I concluded that he provides the kind of satisfaction that I seek from a career.

 When I reconsidered dentistry, it appealed to me in various ways. In addition to its ‘ hands-on’ nature and the daily interaction with patients, I was also struck by its multiple aspects; diagnostic, pain relief, preventative as well as reparative, and esthetic. I once saw the tremendous effect that esthetic dental surgery could have. A young woman I knew was transformed from a retiring person who rarely smiled or even spoke into a cheerful, confident person with the help of a skilled dentist, and I never forgot this event.

 Having made my choice, I was determined to seek some experience and training to enable me to change my career route as well as undertake extensive reading and online research into dentistry. I spent eight months working as a dental assistant when I undertook all the usual routine duties of an assistant and was able to observe dentists undertaking both standard and complex procedures. I particularly enjoyed dealing with the patients and putting them at their ease if they appeared to be nervous. Unfortunately, it was necessary to curtail this introduction into dentistry, as I needed more lucrative employment to fund my pre-med studies. However, this experience fully confirmed my choice. I have also entered a ‘pre-med’ program at the University of XXXX. The program provides a good grounding in General Science, Biology, and Chemistry, which will ready me for the DDS program.

 I know, from my personal research, that a large proportion of people in the US do not realize the importance of routine dental care on their dental, oral, and general health and so fail to carry it out. I would hope to be involved in providing information about the importance of preventative dental care to less fortunate communities during the program and to take part in free dental clinics for the underserved. It is my firm intention, once qualified, to give the amount of my time to such activities. A dentist is a highly regarded and well-rewarded professional who should ‘pay something back to society, and I fully intend to do so.

 I am very excited by the advances in dentistry, such as the use of laser technology, computer imaging, and the use of new materials and techniques in orthodontics. I hope to assist in research or trials to further such advances.

 I have carefully considered the demands that a challenging DDS program will make. I am determined to apply myself fully to the program and to excel within it. I am sure that I have both the intellectual capacity and the personal commitment and drive to do so. I know that there will be very many well-qualified applicants for places in the program. However I do regard myself as an excellent candidate. My bachelor degree results and awards will provide an assurance that I am a diligent and intelligent person who is used to ‘going the extra mile’ in his work; my preparation for entry to the program has been both practical and academic and has provided a good understanding of the dental working environment; my main recommendation however is a passionate interest in dentistry and in becoming a skilled, knowledgeable and effective practitioner.

 The poet that always mesmerized me:

The Children of Adam are limbs of each other. Having been created of one essence.  When the calamity of time afflicts one limb, the other limbs cannot remain at rest. If thou hast no sympathy for the troubles of others, thou art unworthy to be called by the name of a man(Sa'adi 1200 A.D Persian poet)

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