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Dental Residency, Advanced Education, Vietnam

It is my profound hope to be admitted to your program so that I can develop my skills across the gambit of becoming the most excellent dentist that I can possibly be. As a Vietnamese man, I am anxious to contribute to the diversity of your program. I feel that I am a strong candidate for your schedule for three principal reasons: my character and drive, my academic preparation, and my professional/volunteer experience. I have an excellent preparation for becoming a superlative dentist, especially if given the honor of being accepted into your highly esteemed program.

My B.S. in Exercise Science from XXXX University in ST. Louis, MO, is something that I see as highly complementary to the study and practice of dentistry. I was studying towards a double major in Physical Therapy and Exercise Science. I did not, however, finish the Degree in Physical Therapy because I became more heavily dedicated to preparing myself for the dental school application process.

I am currently a student in the Dental School at XXXX Medical College School of Dentistry in Nashville, TN, where I will be graduating with a DDS degree in May of 2009. My first choice for continuing my professional growth as a dentist is at the XXXX Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency Program. If you were to grant me the privilege of being chosen for your residency program, this would enable me further enhance my knowledge and experience in dentistry and obtain the necessary didactic and clinical experiences that will allow me to provide comprehensive dental care to diverse populations over the long term. I seek to enhance my skills as a general dentist across the broad spectrum of the many unique talents that dentists who work hard can perfect over time. I especially enjoy doing cosmetic dentistry procedures, so I feel that I am a perfect match for this residency program.

I would be incredibly honored to receive the certificate that accompanies completing your residency program. I have my heart set on obtaining the Certificate for Advance Education in General Dentistry because I am convinced that this would be the best way for me to prepare myself further for my long-term goals. Several years down the road, I would like to start my own dental practice, becoming thoroughly proficient in almost all aspects of dentistry. I want to give something back to my community, Nashville, because it has been so kind to me, accepting me as just one more American even though I am Vietnamese. This is why I especially look forward to doing as much pro-bono dental work as possible in the future, especially as my family becomes more stable and my practice matures.

I am also interested in going to underserved areas in mobile dental units. I have done a lot of volunteer service, helping, for example, to coordinate the Oral Cancer Walk in 2008, raising money for and awareness of oral cancer. And I have helped to provide dental treatment to the underserved at my school of dentistry. Participating in Nashville's Health Fair in 2006-2008 was especially rewarding, in addition to providing dental screening to kids at the YMCA and educating them about the importance of oral care.Dental Residency, Advanced Education General Dentistry

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