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Endodontics Residency, Pediatric, Special Needs

No one I know gets more job satisfaction than I do. I make an immediate and often dramatic difference in people’s lives, and I love doing so. I genuinely delight in turning agonized groans into sighs of relief or in saving teeth and the smile that goes with them.  While all my work is valuable and satisfying to a degree, I have found that the substantial endodontic work that I have undertaken is by far the most enjoyable aspect of my five years of experience in clinical dentistry.

I became interested in the specialty while still in Dental School and have taken every opportunity to learn about it, and to practice it, since then. Indeed, by the end of my general practice residency at the VA Sepulveda, I had performed more root canals than all the other presidents combined. This work was undertaken under the supervision of a tremendously skilled, caring, encouraging, and enthusiastic instructor who inspired me to seek this career path.

My interest blossomed during my time in private practice, especially in the last two years, during which I have spent a few days each week attending specifically to the diagnosis of various diseases of the pulp in young patients.  I have performed numerous root canals, apexification, pulpectomies, and abiogenesis procedures, and this experience has fired my particular interest in treating young endodontic patients with whom I have an excellent rapport.

One specific case involved Miguel, a 16-year-old who presented with severe toothache due to extensive decay on both lower permanent first molars. Although a previous dentist had recommended extracting both teeth, Miguel desperately wanted to keep them.  Fortunately, not only were we able to relieve his acute pain quickly, but we were also able to save his natural teeth with root canal procedures. The joy that he expressed gave me a particularly gratifying feeling and one that, I feel, only endodontics can provide for me each day.

Endodontics is my specialty of choice for several other reasons too. I enjoy the careful planning called for in the thing and the high level of the control of outcomes that result. Each case is unique, requiring exceptional diagnostic skills and a highly creative and analytical mind to identify and apply the optimum solutions.

I am also very excited about the rapid advances in techniques and materials that are occurring and hope to aid these advances through undertaking research in the field. I have had the opportunity of assisting in some investigations and very much enjoyed doing so. My experience in treating children and teens has prompted a strong interest in regenerative endodontic research, especially in finding ways to manage and save teeth with open apices which may otherwise be lost.

I have sought to gain exposure to as many specialties as possible during my career to date, as well as undertaking a considerable amount of general work, which has provided me with an excellent grounding in the profession.  My experiences in both private and hospital settings have allowed me to be exposed to, and treat, a wide variety of patient types, ages, and conditions, including the medically compromised, geriatric, disabled, pediatric, and ‘unique needs.

Ultimately, I hope to have an endodontics practice in which I can work with the general dentist in the diagnosis and treatment of dental pain arising not only from root canal problems, but will also include the treatment of patients with trigeminal neuralgia or those suffering chronic sinus problems, which I know can often mimic root canal problems. I would also like to pursue research and to assist in the training of those new to the specialty. I have extensive teaching experience and immensely enjoy being able to pass on skills and knowledge to others. I have also given the benefit of my time and talents to those who cannot afford to pay for dental treatment and see this as a moral obligation.  I would undoubtedly seek to offer endodontic treatments in free clinics, especially to children and young people who would otherwise lose a tooth or teeth.

Despite my devotion to the dental profession, I consider myself to be a well-rounded person and firmly believe that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  I pursue a range of hobbies and pastimes that stretch me both physically and intellectually, as well as provide me with a wide circle of friends.

To summarize, I have an excellent academic record which reflects my strong work ethic. I have broad general professional experience together with significant endodontic exposure and have treated patients of many different ages, types, and conditions.  I believe that this background attests that I have the potential to become an exceptional specialist in the field.  Perhaps most importantly, I will always genuinely seek to empathize with my patients and to help all those reliant on my skills and knowledge to the very best of my ability, whatever their social standing or cultural background.

I am convinced that I have the potential to excel in the program. As my experience to date has already involved a substantial amount of endodontic work, I am confident that I shall be able to add value by bringing valuable and exciting insights to the program. I have tried hard to avoid using the word ‘passion’ in this statement as, I guess that it is used in most of the ideas that the reader will see, however no other word I can find seems to accurately reflect the level of m interest in and excitement about endodontics. I genuinely wish to pursue a career in this field and can promise very enthusiastic and diligent participation in the program, if selected to join it.

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