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Endodontics, Middle East, Egypt, Saudi

The successes I have had in my life have come because others encouraged me, and I reacted positively. My engagement with dentistry began in high school, when I was treated by my dentist Dr. XXXX who motivated and inspired me to trust him. With his enthusiasm and encouragement, I felt optimistic. He treated me kindly with soft hands and made me smile again with confidence. During our last visit, he asked me what do you want to be when I graduated from high school next year?  I told him that I wanted to make people smile again like you; I want to be a dentist.

Dental school was a great opportunity that came to me, and as I have studied hard and treated my patients in the clinic, I have developed a love for the field of Endodontics in particular. To see people come in with so much pain and to observe the change on their faces after I have treated them is an unforgettable feeling. I aim to become a leader in the field of Endodontics, striving for Perfection clinically and giving back to the community in abundance.

The opportunity to be involved in significant scientific research at XXU has taught me how to define a problem and look for a solution by conducting a qualitative study. After recalling my 1st clinical year patients for checkup visits, I noticed that there were minor gaps in deep proximal restorations that I performed. Therefore, I decided to find solutions on how to improve the quality of my treatment. After reviewing previous studies and results, I conducted a study with Dr. XXXX, a professor in dental biomaterials, to compare different light sure systems on the micro-hardness of various bulk-fill composite resins, which was published in 2016 by the Egyptian Dental Journal. It is in that environment that I have learned how to write a quality grant proposal, draft and carry out project protocols, analyze and interpret data, and conduct an extensive literature review and write-up.

I am interested in clinically applying the knowledge generated from quality research. This has helped me to improve quickly in the clinic as I spend more time with my Endodontics Professor, Dr. Alnazhan, often peeking into the microscopes and learning about different clinical manifestations of pulpal and preapical pathologies. I invested more time attending multiple rotary instrument workshops with well-known endodontists such as Dr. XXXX, Dr. XXXX, and Dr. XXXX  to keep my knowledge updated about the latest technological developments.

It is service to the community that drives me forward. I have never missed an International Children’s Day, to cite just one example, where I am on duty demonstrating oral hygiene protocol to children and their parents. I am also fond of oral cancer detection screenings and have served as co-director of these endeavors and with the caries control clinic. I also look forward to distinguishing myself as a volunteer to the extent to which time allows if selected for your program.

I hope very much to be accepted to your three-year Endodontology XXXX Advanced Training Program designed specifically for international dentists from outside the European Union seeking state-of-the-art training in Endodontology. This program is unsurpassed in its scope and quality, the amount of both training and experience provided to those applicants fortunate enough to be selected. After completing your program, gaining this invaluable experience, and returning home to Saudi Arabia with the Master’s Degree in my field, I will be able to fulfill leadership roles in the advancement of Endodontics both inside and outside of academia in my country and throughout the Middle East, advancing our profession to the fullest extent of my capacity, backed up by the finest advanced education in the world.

Being accepted to your program will help me increase my clinical skills and knowledge base, in addition to greatly enhancing my general understanding of global oral health care systems and the challenges that we face as a profession, especially concerning Endodontics.  I look forward to getting to know colleagues from all over the world and comparing notes with like-minded associates from all over the globe who face similar kinds of challenges as the ones that we face in Saudi Arabia. I also look forward to sharpening my diversity skills by attending to patients from many parts of our global society and all walks of life. After completing your program, I will be in a much better position to contribute to the development of our state-of-the-art dentistry training center here at the XXXX, particularly concerning the improvement of endodontic treatment outcomes. I am ready to excel in your program and fully capable of distinguishing myself and hitting the ground running from day one since I particularly excel at teamwork.

I thank you for considering my application.

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