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DDS Indian Woman Dentist in USA

A young woman and an experienced dentist trained in my country of origin, India, I feel strongly that I have a lot to give to the dental profession here in America since the USA is my new permanent home: with a lot of potentials to excel, especially in the area of pediatric dentistry. I have been shadowing a pediatric dentist for several months, assisting with a variety of procedures and significantly increasing my familiarity with the way that dentistry in America.

The single most incredible sadness that I have witnessed in my life so far is how people in my country, India, neglect the oral health care of their children. This has made me an incredibly highly motivated dentist who is well versed in the subject of preventive care and very determined to make my professional mark in this area, devoting a lifetime of learning to this subject and making significant contributions to oral health consciousness-raising projects, especially those concerned with children in India.

Growing up in one of the most congested and impoverished parts of India helped me see up close and learn early on the devastating effects on human health that result from poverty and a polarized distribution of resources that leaves the poorest sectors of society highly vulnerable, generally with no care at all. And this is especially true concerning dentistry. Where I come from, most people simply learn to live with dental pain, for long periods, some for their entire lives.

My growing awareness over the years of the suffering around me and the way that it was not only preventable but could also be remedied, resulted in my becoming a very highly motivated and engaged volunteer for community projects in dentistry where I interacted with various dental professionals. Surrounded by dentists and modeling the compassionate nature of their care helped me to understand the human element of dentistry better. It was through my volunteer work in these dental camps that I was able to come to appreciate better how dentistry care and restoration can bring about profound transformations in an individual's confidence and self-esteem.

Not only did I provide nearly destitute people in numerous small villages with dental care, but I also matured vastly throughout the course of my experiences in dental camps with the need for better oral hygiene necessary to prevent the decay that we saw all around us. What disturbed me the most was the general lack of understanding about prevention and the inherent benefits of preventative measures. 

As a practicing dentist in India, I was amazed to see how even simple treatments like fillings, crowns, and cosmetic procedures almost always brought a smile to a patient's face. This ability to alleviate pain and suffering gave me a great sense of contentment. I was also exposed to a wide variety of different aspects of dentistry while working in India as a dentist. Providing treatment to children, in particular, has been important insofar as it taught me patience, and the importance of making them feel as comfortable as possible, and less anxious.

I look forward to many decades of discovery, treasuring each day how dental knowledge must be woven together with empathy, dedication, and commitment to providing the highest level of care possible.

Since moving to the United States, I have spent over 100 hours shadowing Dr. XXXX, a successful private practitioner in Cincinnati, Ohio. This invaluable experience introduced me to multiple new techniques and set me off to a good start in my study of how dentistry is practiced in America and how that practice differs from that of India. My clinical and volunteer work so far has allowed me to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds, enhancing my confidence and ability.

 I hope to be accepted to a prestigious program such as yours with an outstanding reputation excellence, and state-of-the-art facilities, attracting only highly qualified applicants. I believe strongly that I have much to contribute as a student to your academic community, including valuable insights and perspectives that I have gained from both my immigrant experience and as a dental professional. I am confident that I have the necessary skill set and technical know-how to excel in your program so that I might achieve my dream of continuing to practice dentistry here in America.

I assure you that the underserved will always be my foremost priority. I will continue to devote as much of my time as possible, both as a student and beyond, to philanthropic dental campaigns to assist those in the greatest need. Someday I hope to establish a dental health care group where socially conscious dentists work together towards the same objective of providing quality dental care to the community regardless of the socio-economic status of the patient. Dentistry, with all its challenges, has been a truly rewarding profession for me so far as it fulfills my passion to contribute to forging sustainable change in the well-being of my patients and their families.

I thank you for considering my application.

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