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Dental LOR, Department Chair, Indian Applicant


I am very pleased to write this letter recommending the application of Dr XXXX for admission to the Advanced Training Program in your prestigious institution. In the capacity of the college Dean and Head of the Department of OMFS (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery), I have interacted with and guided Dr. XXXX throughout the course of her education in dentistry. XXXX was very good in academics and I have celebrated her success as a highly self-driven achiever. Her clinical skills, especially her keen interest in the subject and ability to grasp difficult concepts are clearly among her principal gifts.

I distinctly remember Dr XXXX as an active participant in classroom discussions, seminars, community dental services and rural camps. I probably remember Dr. XXXX stands out in my mind most of all because she is one of only a handful of students in the history of our institution who took it upon herself to organize her own dental camp, rather than affiliating with an existing organization. I admired her agility in management and her public relations skills which made this endeavor a great success. She was also a regular contributor of articles to our college journals and adjudged to be one of the best students of the year in 2000, with her marks among the very highest in both physiology and dental anatomy. Dr XXXX is also gifted with inter-personal skills that are appreciated and enjoyed by colleagues, faculty members and patients alike. This served her well in her interaction with patients of all age groups and different strata of society. She was at her very best when working in community organizations. I heard great comments from her community dentistry professors that she is good at organizing rural community camps on her own, demonstrating her leadership skills from everything ranging from material dissemination to setting up the events.

During her posting  in the department  of Oral Surgery, I guided her through the whole range of procedures -from the basic to the complex - and I felt inspired by her deep interest in the subject and her ability to  learn  and  connect concepts  in order to  solve problems  with  ease. She is extremely good in engaging with and putting  anxious  patients  at ease and  has  the ability  to  educate and motivate even the most challenging of patients.  I  trusted  her  abilities  and  readily  assigned  cases  of impactions, alveloplasty,  suturing, etc; in addition to beside regular  surgical procedures which she always performed in the most skillful and caring manner. that  required  I found  Dr  XXXX  to  be  of  great  assistance  while  carrying  out many  complex  surgical procedures. While training with me, I watched her grow into a mature and confident professional. Thus, I could not more highly recommend Dr XXXX to your advanced education dental program. She will be an asset to your educational institution


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