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DDS Admission, Korean Community

I am an extremely hard-working young man originally from Korea who wants very much to devote his life to the practice of humanitarian dentistry and preventive oral health care. I see this as the best way for me to contribute to my society and the development of the global community as well.

I came to the US in 2004, and my family and I have now made Atlanta, Georgia, our home. My long-term goal is two-fold. First, I want to establish a dental practice here in Atlanta that will give a priority emphasis to serving the needs of Atlanta´s rapidly growing Korean community. I plan on doing an exhaustive search for a like-minded partner, another Korean student in dental school, who would like to form a practice with me in Atlanta. I am also searching for a partner who has similar interests in spending large amounts of time working in developing countries, especially those areas of the world where dental care is all but non-existent for those with the fewest economic resources. In this way, one of us will be able to manage the practice without the other. Most recently, I have been spending countless hours towards this end, researching the state of oral health care in Africa. I also plan to embark on the construction and promotion of a multilingual website dedicated to advancing preventive oral health care in the Developing World, with particular emphasis on overcoming the obstacles to the practice of preventative oral health care in Africa.

 I am currently a senior majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry. I chose both of these areas as the best preparation possible for a career in dentistry. My determination and high level of focus on my studies are borne out by my having received the Chancellor's Leadership Award this past December.

 I crave the challenges of dentistry, working with such precision in small spaces, as well as the human contact and high level of communication skill that is required to make patients feel at ease. I think that becoming a dentist is my destiny for a variety of reasons, including the opportunity to use skills that I have been developing on my own accord ever since I was a child. While other children were engrossed by cartoons, I spent most of my free time opening broken electronics and taking them apart to see what ¨made them tick.¨ I spent countless hours working on plastic models of ships and aircraft. In junior high school, sawing was my favorite class. My manual dexterity and coordination were also enhanced by the three years that I spent playing the saxophone for the high school band.

 Recently, I have been shadowing Dr. XXXX: observed root canals, crowning, and learning how to discover cavities in X-rays. I have also been volunteering for the American Red Cross Blood Services, 20 hours per week, since this past March. Finally, I have served as both president and treasurer of my university´s Korean Student Association. I thank you for considering my application.

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