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DDS Intl, Orthodontics, Brazil, Latin America


No one gets more job satisfaction than I do because I make an immediate and often dramatic difference in people’s lives. I genuinely delight in turning agonized groans into sighs of relief; saving teeth, for example, and the smile that results.  By being a member of a scientific group supported by the federal government as an undergraduate student, I have already had the great privilege of being able to contribute to various research projects. I intend to work towards a lifelong cultivation of expertise in Orthodontics—particularly with respect to materials and prosthetics. I also have an especially keen interest in pathology and I am most excited by interdisciplinary approaches to oral health challenges. Thus, I would be honored to assist in research in any area of dentistry.

I was born and raised in Brazil but I have lived in the USA and thus speak English quite well. I have also visited Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. During the course of my travels through Latin America, I became more or less fluent in Spanish, a language which I hope to put to good use practicing dentistry in the USA. Thus, I look forward to being a trilingual dentist in America, also putting my Portuguese to good use for the increasing population of Portuguese speakers in the USA, mostly from Brazil but also increasing numbers from Portuguese-speaking Africa. My Spanish, in particular, is the language in which I have profound dreams of working on behalf of the underserved, undocumented residents, migrant workers and their families, etc.

17 years ago, when I was 16, I lived for a little over one year in the United States as a result of my  fascination for the American culture, quickly getting used to the American way of life. This is one of the reasons why I fell in love early on with advanced levels of technological development and I have been back to the USA to visit my friends from that era ever since. Now 33, I hope to make the USA my second home, to practice dentistry there as well as in Brazil, spending the balance of my life flying back and forth. One of my best friends in the USA is a dentist, Dr. XXXX, a former president of the Alabama Dental Association, past Chairman of the ADA Committee H, and current Adjunct Associate Professor at University of XXXX School of Dentistry. Michael has been a big inspiration to me over the years and I am fortunate to count on his leadership and support.

Having attained the status of a highly qualified and experienced dentist and orthodontist in my home country of Brazil, I have also had the opportunity to teach  a few classes as a visiting professor after completing my MS degree and this has increased my interest in teaching dentistry at some point in my career, especially orthodontics. First, I hope to greatly enhance my education through the successful completion of your distinguished DDS Program for International Dentists. In this way, I will be optimally prepared to make the greatest long term contribution possible to our cause of making orthodontics affordable and accessible to all who need it. Most enthralled by the very exciting, in fact revolutionary, advances in techniques and materials being made in dentistry in the USA, I feel compelled to advance my own education in your country so as to locate myself on the cutting edge of dentistry for the balance of my professional future.

I was born in the Amazon, our rain forest inhabited mostly by our indigenous people. It is also the poorest area of Brazil where the people have been totally bypassed with respect to my country’s economic miracle of the last few decades. The intersection of cultures, the ruthless and bloody exploitation of natural resources, and the pollution and destruction of the world’s foremost lung, have resulted in new oral health challenges that I plan to always continue to research, in order to honor the land of my birth and to stay engaged with the professional frontiers of dentistry at the service of those who are most in need. Much of my passion I owe to growing up in a family of doctors who gave much of their time to our needy people.

When I lived in the USA at the age of 15-16, I become so enthralled with the American lifestyle that at times I felt half American and half Brazilian. Now, turning 33 back home in Brazil, I am again hungry for the diversity of experience that one finds in America, the melting pot of the best from all over the world. I look to America to help with our desperate oral health needs everywhere south of the Rio Grande River, as well as the great challenges that it faces at home. And it will indeed be an honour as a dentist from Brazil, Latin America’s powerhouse, to give all that I can to our mutual, indeed global efforts.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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