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DDS International, Ukrainian Applicant

The best 11 years of my life so far were spent in my home country, Ukraine, serving as a dentist in a state-run polyclinic. Our partially state-funded clinics operated on a sliding scale basis so that almost everyone could afford to pay, far less than the cost of dental care in the private sector. Although our state clinics had a shortage of dental supplies, dentists and doctors even bought their own necessities. They worked long hours under tremendous pressure to attend to far too many patients on any given day. Nevertheless, this was the triumph of my life, the chance to help thousands of people with highly modest economic resources. My experience left me with a great passion, particularly for endodontics.

I look forward to a lifetime of study, and contribution to dental research, and publication, particularly on the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular disorders, oral cancer, and patients with dental fear.

In 1994, I treated my first patient- my mom. She suffered from dental fear and financially could not afford extensive dental work. This motivated me to complete her dental appointment as soon as possible. Since I have learned first-hand how sensitive patients with low-income people with dental fear can be, this further motivated me to make a sustainable impact on the lives of the community through the treatment of patients of modest socioeconomic status.

In 2007, I moved to the USA due to my marriage. Before, and after coming to America, I also traveled to Germany, France, Prague, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, and Italy, through which I have learned to quickly adapt to different cultures, and be particularly sensitive to the needs of the community I was in.  In addition to my native language, Ukrainian, I am fluent in English, and Russian and competent in German. I have fallen in love with the USA and its multicultural, multinational society. To help meet our financial responsibilities, during my first years in the US, I earned an RN license. I quickly went to work in several medical facilities, performing laser treatments in a podiatrist’s office and wellness screenings at XXXX company. However, I missed dentistry a lot, and I have continued to stay abreast of developments.

Volunteering in the Endodontics Department of the University of XXXX from 2011 through 2012 and serving as a volunteer with PROVAIL dental clinic for disabled and low-income people in Seattle in 2014 were among the highlights of my life. Currently, I volunteer at the XXXX Tech Skills Center of the XXXX School District, helping to prepare high school students for careers as dental assistants. Soon, I will also be serving as a volunteer dental assistant for the mobile dental clinic of Medical Team International here in XXXX.

Volunteering my time to attend to the underserved as a dentist is what most fulfills me on personal as well as professional levels. I hope at some point to have the opportunity to teach dentistry, perhaps later on in my career back in Ukraine, as the need for advancement in dental education is excellent in my country of origin. I am saddened by events in Ukraine that are further burdened by a spiraling inflation that prohibits most people from seeking dental care until they are faced with an emergency.

When first volunteering and shadowing in the Endodontics Department at the UXXX, I was totally captivated by the work environment, student dental equipment, the chance to observe a variety of surgeries through dental monitors, and hearing detailed explanations of operative techniques by highly respected professors. Catching every word, every movement, I became transformed from my familiar environment back in Ukraine to one without borders here in America. I never cease to be mesmerized by the knowledge and skill of American Dentists, and their ability to find practical approaches for patients from so many different cultural backgrounds. The dentists I have been shadowing in their private practices for several months have inspired me to give my all to dentistry again and to dedicate my life once again to oral health as part of a professional team and network of American dentists.

Through my work with Provail, assisting dentists with special needs cases, I have learned numerous new techniques, which have further inspired me to build a life-long career working with special needs patients. My high level of motivation and determination has helped me overcome many challenges along the way, and has come to define why I most hope to become a dentist here in America. I feel strongly that my personal qualities and experiences have prepared me to become an excellent candidate for this program.

I look forward to giving my all to my studies and making a difference in the lives of the low-income and special needs members of our community. I will never forget that I came from Ukraine, but I will always cherish the opportunity to become a part of the professional dental team of the USA.

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