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DDS International Applicant from Ukraine

The intervention of skilled dentists has made a dramatic difference in my life, which is why I feel very strongly drawn to the profession. I want to acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to make a similar difference in others’ lives.  I suffered from Temporomandibular Disorder (TMJ), because of which I was a very self-conscious 13-year-old who was socially insecure.  Skilled and sympathetic dentists not only resolved the physical problem but also repaired and restored my self-image.  I want to restore smiles and alleviate pain, both physical and psychological, in patients.

I recognize that dentistry has many facets requiring highly developed technical skills and knowledge, manual skills, diagnostic skills, an interest in innovation in techniques and materials, and the ability to plan together with personal characteristics such as empathy, confidence, and an ability to relate well to patients of all cultural and social backgrounds. My mother is a dentist, but this has been only a secondary factor in my choice. It has, however, provided me with a basic knowledge of dentistry from an early age, and my mother’s dedication has certainly been inspirational to me in many aspects of my life. I have been a volunteer in the field and spent a summer spent working as a Dental Assistant, to assure myself that I have the potential to succeed in the profession, and I submit this application with great confidence that this is indeed the case.

My ultimate ambition is to become a highly skilled and knowledgeable dentist, including working with dental patients suffering or recovering from oral cancers, and to pass on those skills and to treat patients in an underserved part of the world.

I have ‘shadowed’ several dentists, including specialists, and have been present at complex dental operations. Among the several dedicated and highly skilled dentists I have shadowed, one was particularly inspirational. His skills, knowledge, concern for his colleagues and staff, and human interest in his patients were outstanding. He is the person that I shall seek to emulate in my professional life. My undergraduate studies entailed shadowing physicians in various specialties, which is relevant to this application, as are my studies in psychology, knowledge of which will assist me in handling fearful patients and anxious parents. I have some work experience in medical administration which made me fully aware of the close relationship between excellent administration and excellence in patient care.

I have a particular interest in oral cancer arising from my exposure to medical oncology. This made me very aware of the psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis and the emotional strength and stability required of the professionals treating such patients. I believe that I possess the necessary characteristics to work successfully with such patients and hope to do so in the future.

 ‘Making a difference’ rather than merely ‘making a living for myself has been a priority in my life since I was a child. Consequently, I have donated considerable amounts of time to a voluntary activity, working in a food bank and, more currently, acting as a volunteer member of the Red Cross ‘Language Bank’. I moved to the US from the Ukraine at the age of 13 and am sensitive to the difficulties faced by those who lack confidence in communicating in English and those adjusting to a new culture, as I had to do myself.

I believe in the saying that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I consider myself to be a ‘well-rounded’ person and my hobbies include ceramics, which has had the effect of enhancing my natural manual talent, which is so necessary for a dentist. I am also a keen competitive Latin and ballroom dancer, which is a beautiful form of exercise and social interaction. I have traveled to a few European countries and want to extend this experience of different cultures and to share knowledge of my own. I am fluent in English, Ukrainian, and Russian and have some knowledge of German. 

I have gained significant experience in the dental and medical working environment to prepare myself to make this application. This has provided me with exposure to working as a member of an effective team and in multi-tasking. I am confident that I possess the academic potential and exceptional personal characteristics required of a highly effective dentist. I intend to excel, rather than succeed in the program and promise enthusiastic and diligent participation in the program.

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