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DDS International Advanced Standing, Turkish

I was determined to ‘make a difference rather than to merely ‘make a living with my life from early childhood.  I knew, without doubt, that I had found a beautiful means to fulfill my ambition when I assisted a dentist, during a summer vacation, as a volunteer student and witnessed so many smiles restored and so much agony relieved daily. I have never lost my initial enthusiasm and have always sought to extend and deepen my knowledge and skills during my years of practice. I am very excited to be in a field in which new techniques and materials constantly provide more ways of assisting patients.

Most of my five years of professional experience were gained in Istanbul, a vast and cosmopolitan city with a mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and European cultures. So I am used to interacting with patients and colleagues from various backgrounds and cultures. This experience will enable me to make a smooth transition into the program and in my future professional career in the United States.

I lived in California for 18 months and have lived in Dublin, Ireland, for the last six months. I have also traveled widely in Europe and North America. I have a naturally outgoing and friendly personality, and consequently, during my time in California, I made many friends from the diverse cultures represented there. I found much pleasure in learning about their lives and cultures and in sharing information about my own. I speak and write English fluently and confidently.

I qualified to practice at the prestigious Faculty of Dentistry at Ankara University, for which entry is fiercely competitive. My GPA was 3.22, and my qualifying course, which lasted five years, including pre-clinical and clinical training, was highly challenging and very comprehensive. Since qualifying, I have obtained a Certificate in Dental Radiology and attended courses on basic implantology and in canal preparation techniques.

My professional experience has been gained in a bustling clinic involving a wide variety of treatments, including, soft-tissue surgery involving the use of diode laser and electrosurgery; esthetic dentistry, endodontic and periodontic treatments, fixed and removable prosthodontics and extractions, including impacted third molars and many routine fillings. I also have experience in radiograph interpretation, the creation of treatment plans, and smile design. However, endodontic treatments and retreatments are my particular interest because it involves tooth retention and, often, much-needed pain relief for the patients. This work provides a certain level of satisfaction to me and is the area where I would like to specialize in the future, if the opportunity arises. I should also mention that I have received training in, and have some experience of, clinic management which was very useful, challenging, and enjoyable.

I was taught to work by the maxim ‘Prevention is better than cure and have always been careful to take time to explain the causes of problems to patients and to encourage them to take any necessary steps to avoid future dental and oral problems. I am especially interested in the effect of diet on dental and oral health and how culturally diverse dietary preferences variously affect them.  

I have carefully considered the courses available to me in California. I have concluded that your own offers a program that will further enhance my professional knowledge and skills to enable me to provide patients with a comprehensive range of treatments and preventative advice.

I am confident that my natural characteristics, background, experience, and special interests will enable me to ‘add value to the program and will allow me to share interesting and valuable insights with my fellow students. I also look forward to receiving the benefits arising from the variety of professional experiences available from other students coming from a broad spectrum of different cultures and locations. I assure the readers of this statement that I shall apply myself to the program with great enthusiasm and commitment, and I very much look forward to doing so.

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