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DDS, Indian Applicant, New Zealand

Writing on behalf of my application to study for the DDS Degree at an institution of higher learning in the USA; I hope to be accepted based on my experience and passion for technological advancement, as well as my devotion to the cause of providing oral health care to the underserved. The joy that I find in dentistry enabled me to place in the top 20 of my graduating class every year of dental school. Both before and after my completion of dental school in India in 2013, I have regularly attended professional conferences and lectures to learn as much as I could about the many avenues of dentistry and prepare myself for ongoing professional development. I am registered to practice in South East Asia as a fully licensed dentist, and I have also given presentations at symposiums on regenerative dentistry.

Since I have long been fascinated by regenerative medicine and the extraordinary abilities of the human body not only to heal but also to regenerate itself, I am now enormously excited by the promise of stem cells and related research areas. I hope to be part of a new generation of scientific advances in dentistry that will one day see new teeth growing in to replace those that have fallen out, in adults and children. I feel strongly that we have only discovered a small portion of our potential, and I want to be a part of the next wave of discovery.

Born in India, I immigrated with my family to New Zealand 13 years ago; I feel privileged in the opportunities that I have had in life so far, earning my BS in Physiology at the University of XXXX in 2007, for example, and going on to complete dental school in India. I decided to go to India for dental school for several reasons principal of which was my desire to bond again with the country of childhood. I also seek to develop a lifelong focus on the challenges in oral health confronting the Developing World, and studying in India seemed like an excellent place to start.

What I miss most of all these days are the beautiful experiences that I enjoyed simply working as a dentist following the completion of my dental studies and licensure. My one-year internship in India in a multi-disciplinary dental hospital with rotations in all primary specialties of dentistry was the highlight of my life so far, along with taking part in government-organized dental camps, and outreach programs to impoverished areas providing much-needed dental care.

Nothing fascinates me as much as the cutting-edge of technology as it relates to dentistry, streamlining our oral health care delivery mechanisms to control costs and provide optimal care simultaneously. Since I am currently still taking courses in dentistry here in Australia, I have been working part-time in IT sales to support myself, and this has helped me to stay up to date with the latest consumer technology trends, especially insofar as they are or could be of benefit to dentistry concerning either research or the clinical setting.

I hope to be selected to earn the DDS Degree in an institution of higher education institution in the USA that offers clinical training at a public hospital or has an extensive outreach program. One of the reasons why I chose the dental school that I attended in India was that it had a substantial dental outreach program ranging as far as 300kms. Our hospital also had satellite clinics in underprivileged areas where we did mainly free or highly subsidized work. We also had roving dental vans that were fully equipped to perform most routine dental procedures. I have been looking into applying for volunteer dentist programs in the Developing World, and I immediately noticed that I need a license to practice in America to do so since most of these international organizations are American based. This is one of the main reasons why I so profoundly hope to earn the DDS, to enable and enhance my capacity as an oral health missionary to impoverished countries.

I hope to teach dentistry at some point in my career in addition to the fact that I always intend to practice, making my patients the center of my world for the balance of my professional career. Ten years from now, I see myself as a working dentist, always striving to improve my skills. As with every profession, there have been significant advances in the field; I have constantly been research-orientated; my first degree being a research degree. My dream is to be a practicing dentist who also researches into regenerative medicine/dentistry, which could have a significant impact on humanity itself. I want to leave my mark on this world, whether it be a small or large one, and I think being able to unlock the secrets to the mending of the body would be a significant step in that direction.

To honestly say that one understands a procedure entails performing it. This is what I love most about dentistry, how our learning and our skill level are, in many ways, the same thing. I have always been attracted to dentistry because of the simple fact that one is doing so much more than simply dispensing medication. I love the manual mechanics of healing in dentistry, operating by natural healing processes, enabling the human body to do its job. I am hungry to immerse myself in dentistry again fully, and I want to do it in one of the finest dental schools on the planet, most of which are in the USA.

 I thank you for considering my application to our program.

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