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DDS Admission, Dental Surgery, Yemen, KSA

I am a young Yemini woman who is a very hard worker, highly motivated, and extremely dedicated to my field, dentistry. As a result, I already hold a degree in dental surgery from my university in Yemen. I keenly look forward to a long lifetime of pursuing excellence in my chosen field. My family is from Yemen, but I was born and raised in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where I hold permanent residency. What most distinguishes me from my peers, the people that that I grew up with, is that I have always identified with Yemen. In fact, I insisted on returning to the country of our origins to pursue my degree in dentistry, and this took great courage and determination. My principal motivation for doing so was to learn about the poor, since Yemen is an impoverished country, and to prepare myself for a career of service to those who are in greatest need.

Now, I live in Alexandria, Virginia, and have had time to adapt to American culture and the English language sufficiently. I feel most comfortable returning to full-time study so that I may practice dentistry here in America in the future. To fulfill this dream, I am applying for admission as an Advanced Standing student in your highly esteemed program. I very much look forward to developing world-class, cutting-edge skills in the areas of dentistry, and especially dental surgery, so that I will someday be able to return to Yemen and teach other dentists how to treat our suffering people better. Dental problems are especially rampant in Yemen as a result of poverty, highly underdeveloped levels of oral health awareness, and the devastating consequences of the practice of chewing gat. This filthy habit makes dental care especially challenging.

While I am proud to have completed dental school with distinction in Yemen, I am painfully aware of how much more I need and want to learn. Nevertheless, I also feel that my degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Science and Technology in Sana’a does provide me with an excellent foundation for further study here in America in a highly esteemed program such as yours. I feel very privileged to have this opportunity to live in America, the land of such promise, with such a highly developed educational system. I find my most profound joy in the knowledge that I can prepare myself to make significant contributions in the future to my people in Yemen.

My short-term goal is to attain the DDS Degree and to become licensed to practice dentistry here in America. Next, I want to have the opportunity to practice our art and science here in the United States, for at least several years, fully aware that this will also be an integrally important part of my education. After practicing dentistry here for several years, however, my long-term goal is to continue to further my education. I feel strongly that the most significant contribution that I could make to the Yemenis people would be to attain advanced knowledge and an advanced degree in the future in the area of maxillofacial surgery. This area of dentistry is significantly underdeveloped in Yemen, and I hope to have someday excellent qualifications for teaching others in this field.

For political reasons, in their struggle against worldwide terrorism, the United States has become increasingly interested in Yemen. And the American government fully realizes that the best way to struggle against terrorism and ultimately defeat it, is to help underdeveloped peoples like the Yemenis to advance, develop their economies, and, subsequently, to provide adequate dental as well as medical care to their people. We have a long way to go to help develop the Yemenis people to the point where they can stand independently and will no longer be attracted to radical, violent ideologies. I am pleased that I am young and so full of energy and determination; this provides me with faith and optimism that I will be able to make essential contributions to my people, and to the world. There are very few well-trained maxillofacial surgeons in Yemen. And those few that do exist generally dedicate themselves to attending to those individuals who can pay a lot of money for their service. While I do wish to live comfortably, I am a spiritual woman who is dedicated to a life of service to those with little ability to pay.

My spirituality is defined by my service to others, especially the poor. And we are ordered by Allah in the Koran, through his prophet Mohammed, to help the poor and needy among us, especially those that are sick. I see adequate dental care as a human necessity and as a right of all citizens. As a result, preparing myself for a long and distinguished career in dentistry, and teaching others in this area, is very much a spiritual and moral exercise of my vision, my integrity, and my sense of purpose and vocation. I ask for admission to your program so that I might fulfill my dream of a lifetime of service to some of the poorest members of our global society, studying and working tirelessly towards this goal for as long as I can do so. Your program will serve as my platform in my quest to become a world-class educator in the fields of dental and maxillofacial surgery. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for considering my application to your program, and I very much look forward to meeting you, and giving my all to my studies, as I have always labored to make my family and teachers proud.

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