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DDS International Dentist Admission, Nepalese

If you walk into the waiting room of a dentist in the US, you are likely to see a group of relaxed-looking people reading magazines. If you walk into the waiting area of a free dental clinic in India or Nepal, you will see many swollen faces and pain-filled eyes.  The value of a skilled and dedicated dentist is readily appreciated in the latter situation and fired in me a great desire to become a dentist. I had intended to enter a caring profession since working, during my school days, as a volunteer in a hospital in Nepal and seeing suffering close at hand.

 I worked very hard in school and college, which culminated in the award of the BDS degree from Manipal College of Dental Sciences, India. Following my marriage and the birth of my child in 2007, I moved to the US. I immediately set about working towards my goal of practicing in the US. I completed Part 1 of my NBDE and enrolled in a Dental Hygiene Program, graduating in May 2010.

 Since qualifying, I have been very happily employed as a Dental Hygienist and now feel ready to complete my studies so that I may practice as a dentist in the US. My employer is a female dentist who has been a great example and inspiration to me; she has encouraged me to undertake the full range of duties that I am qualified to undertake. She has also strongly urged me to make this application and wishes to employ me as a qualified dentist.

 Working as the only DH within the practice has been a demanding and enriching experience; it has also provided me with a beautiful introduction to an unfamiliar culture and dental environment employing the most advanced equipment. I love working with patients and have been privileged to have received many expressions of gratitude from them for my work.  Working as a DH has been a very positive episode in my career and will enable me to be a more ‘rounded’ dentist in the future.

 I have happily studied, worked with, and treated people from many different cultures and social backgrounds. I realize that cultural sensitivity is significant in healthcare provision.

 My goal is to become a highly skilled and knowledgeable dentist, to donate time to free clinics in Nepal and in the US, and to assist in educating members of poorer communities on the importance of preventative dental and oral hygiene.

 I am aware that dentistry programs are highly competitive, and selection involves tough choices. However, I genuinely consider myself to be an exceptional candidate. I hold a directly relevant bachelor's degree from a prestigious institution in India, and I have studied and worked in dentistry in the US for several years. My main recommendation is my passion for dentistry and my desire to apply the skills and knowledge provided by the program, not merely to ‘make a living’ but to ‘make a difference’. 

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