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CAAPID, Indian Applicant with MPH

Now 24 years old, I was born, raised, and became a practicing dentist in India. Soon, I will be finishing my MPH Degree here in America. Continuing my career with the DDS/DMD Degree will complete my professional education so as to prepare me to make my maximum contribution to dentistry here in America as well as back home in India.

Equally dedicated to both clinical practice and research, I hope to excel in your program and distinguish myself in particular in the area of public health dentistry and concerns. I seek to distinguish myself in particular areas of Periodontics and oral medicine. Dentistry is much more for me than a professional position or a way to support the family that I will probably have in the future, providing the finest education possible for my children; it is my social service and spirituality, identity fulfillment and individuation through contribution to my community and society at large: in America as well as India. My focus on social service, particularly on behalf of the underserved is why I devoted so many hours for years in my volunteer work. Always cautious to keep myself free from the clutches of material things, I have excelled at helping people, which provides me with my sense of happiness. It is an abstract feeling that I cannot express in words, perhaps because it is the most central and tangible reality of my existence: my work.

Our family used to frequently visit the small village where my father was born and raised in the south of India for summer vacations.  The people of this village did not have adequate access to health care, having to commute for many hours to go the hospital in the nearest city. Early on, I was impressed by the way in which while village residents were aware of their medical ailments to some extent, almost all were completely unaware of dental health issues, even when they were suffering to some extent. Coming from an emerging nation with a burgeoning population like India, and the sheer enormity of the public challenges faced by my people, motivated me to come to America, earn the MPH, and to excel in the area of public health dentistry.

Community dentistry was my favorite subject in dental school, connecting clinical work and community service. Since I already had clinical experience when I graduated, I immediately began volunteering with several camps   organized by the Community Dentistry department in various villages, market places, and schools organized by the Pediatric Dentistry Department of my university. Since my graduation I have also kept busy taking continuing education courses, and developing a special focus on the prevention of both caries and oral cancer and gaining exposure to the cutting-edge technologies in our field.

Even before coming to America, my participation in the World Dental Show—organized by the Indian Dental Association in collaboration with University of California, SF and the Oral Cancer Foundation—helped me to learn more about the future of dental health care, developing wide ranging perspectives on oral health challenges, resulting in a my growing network of professional connections with colleagues from across India and around the world, further developing my leadership skills  

In my first year of studies towards my MPH here in America, Public health, I began to develop a special interest in Epidemiology, particularly the identification of target populations, program evaluation, data collection and analysis, and observing association and interaction between exposure and outcome. Throughout my MPH program, I have volunteered at various events, such as free BMI and Blood Pressure checkups for National Kidney day was organized by National Kidney Foundation in collaboration with XXXX University, where I volunteered to measure BMI. I also volunteered as research intern at the Executive Leadership for Academic Medicine Department at XXXX College of Medicine.  I have worked under Dr. XXXX at University of XXXX’s Taste and Smell Center for my Community-based Master’s Project. My thesis deals with the seasonal variation of the etiology of taste and smell disorders complicated by smoking and caffeine.

Since November of 2014, I have been volunteering as a research Intern at the Periodontology lab of Dr. XXXX at the University Of XXXX School Of Dental Medicine.  I have also taken full advantage of great shadowing and research opportunities through UXXX, under Dr. XXXX, a pediatric dentist in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, as well as Dr. XXXX ,who is the recipient of The XXXX Award from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Working alongside acclaimed professionals in my field is providing me with an excellent platform upon which to grow professionally as a dentist and a researcher. I like to think that my greatest strengths include vision, passion, and a sense of mission which will continue to inspire me to excellence in dentistry. 

I look forward to giving my all to your distinguished program and I thank you for considering my application.

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