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LOR Cosmetic Dentistry, Pakistani Woman Applicant

To Whom It May Concern,

I am proud to recommend Dr. XXXX XXXX for selection to a doctoral program for international dentists. My name is XXXX, D.M.D., and my specialty is Cosmetic Dentistry. Norm shadowed me intensively and also assisted with many things, including complicated procedures. We spent a significant amount of time with her over a sustained period, and I found her support invaluable throughout the time that she was with me, from September of 2016 through October of 2017. 

Perhaps the thing I most appreciated about XXXX was how quickly she was able to learn and even master many advanced techniques in dentistry. This was especially the case concerning open tray techniques in implantology. Still, I was also amazed at her ability to make the most of intra-oral cameras and her solid understanding of crowns. Norm has an excellent grasp of the advanced software programs that we use in dentistry, which even surpasses my own, and, thus, she was a particular pleasure to have around on those occasions when we found ourselves computer-challenged. 

Norm is highly knowledgeable and conversant concerning issues of diversity and cultural differences in dentistry and incredibly adept at communication with the patient, even difficult ones. She also has an excellent grasp of dental health care policies, particularly concerning the HIPAA.  She has already developed a solid understanding of general dental procedures and what it takes to run a successful dental practice in the USA.

If I can provide you with further details concerning XXXX’s candidacy for DDS or DMD program, please feel free to contact me .


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