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Advanced Study Prosthodontics, Kuwaiti

A dentist from Kuwait, I completed my studies in the UAE, and I am now in Kuwait working as a general dentist in a government facility. While dental education is quite advanced these days in the UAE, even more so than in my own country, I long for further education and specialization, especially in the context of state-of-the-art dentistry as practiced in the USA.

I am an earnest young woman who is a very hard worker, and I look forward to long hours giving my all to your program. For some time now, when I choose to read something, it is almost always about Prosthodontics. English and the language of dentistry go hand in hand with me because I have been reading professional dentistry journals in English for many years. In fact, I have been learning and practicing English since my childhood, especially over the last several years. I am equally comfortable practicing dentistry in English as I am in my native Arabic.

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program at XXXX University as an Arab woman. I hope to be remembered as the Middle Easterner with the warm, ever-present, very reassuring smile.

My professional dreams are something that I anticipate will develop with greater clarity throughout the time in which I hope to complete your program, learning from the wisdom of my colleagues and friends as well as professors. I hope to establish my own practice at some point after completing your program as I have dreamed since childhood of having my own clinic someday, creating a smile on the face of every one of my patients. It is the happiness of my patients, day in and day out, that sustains me; it is the principal source of my own happiness. Most recently, I have devoted myself to studying the unique problems encountered by older patients, and the general oral-health challenges faced by our elderly, and I especially look forward to the opportunity to excel in this area as part of your distinguished Prosthodontics program. It is also in this area where I hope to make significant long-term contributions back in Kuwait.

I see Prosthodontics as almost always the most important step, at least for most treatment plans, because it is the foundation upon which all else rests in dentistry, incredibly restorative dentistry. Upon my return to Kuwait after completing your program, I plan to once again work with the government of Kuwait as a specialist in those clinics or hospitals that accept patients with scarce resources; at the same time that, I also continue to work on the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry in my country. Dedicated to lifelong education, I fully intend to seize every opportunity to study Prosthodontics through the course of a long career ahead of me in this area. I want nothing more professionally in life than to give my all to my field, constantly staying up on cutting-edge developments, especially those having to do with technological advancement.

Finally, there is a shortage of well-trained Prosthodontists in Kuwait, and completing your program will help me to contribute to the general cause of dental education in Kuwait and the professional development of Kuwaiti students and colleagues in dentistry as well.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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