Middle Eastern Applicants, Dental School Concerns

Please feel free to share with us any concerns and issues that you may have as an applicant to dental school from the Middle East! I will respond below as I have for the dentist from Iraq. The Middle East, especially Iraq and Syria, represent a host of complicated issues and challenges for dentistry, dentists fleeing those countries for their lives, millions of refugees in surrounding countries struggling to survive, hundreds of thousands more in refugee camps. It is a pleasure for me to help in these situations and I look forward to doing what I can.

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I have a very low GPA through my dental school as I had some situations there. I hear that alot of dentists are graduating from Iraq with low GPA. But the one that I have in the lower end of these GPAs. I will do anything to overcome this. I passed both NBDE 1&2 and have a TOEFL Score of 101. I don't know what to do. Please help.