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Sir, I am from India and I am facing problems with my teeth. I from a few weeks had been having severe tooth ache and so I consulted a local dentist and he said that the tooth, a wisdom tooth at the far end needs to be uprooted and accordingly he took it out. While uprooting it he mentioned that it touched the bones slightly .I did not understand much, he said it would be okay. My conditions are much better now but when I fall asleep or during pain the pain starts again and stops after short time, however the intensity of pain is quite less . Its already 1 month by now and little pain is still present .So I am worried and don't know what to do. My dentist also took an X ray of mine but was unable to say anything. I don't know what to do. And my teeth right next to the one which is uprooted had RCT done to it earlier. And also I don't know why teeth is bent .I have the X-ray report if you want I can mail it. Please reply soon !!.

Babli Das.


Great information. Thanks for sharing this. This will be very useful for everyone. i also will share with my friend and relatives.


For the first 14 years of this new millennium, I have been helping applicants to dental school. With respect to my clients who are already dentists, applying for advanced standing positions, nearly half of them have been Indian. This has resulted in a rapidly increasing and extensive awareness on my part of the great challenges facing India in the future with respect to meeting the oral health needs of the equally rapidly expanding Indian population. In fact, I have often reflected upon the fact that India is projected to overtake China as the world’s most populous nation within only a few decades. India also has the some of the highest rates of oral cancer in the world.
Dentistry is just as global as medicine, if not more so. Many if not most dental schools now have their own outreach programs to the Developing World, places like India. Thus, I feel strongly that it is imperative for Indian applicants to express some desire in their personal statement for helping the underserved in their country of origin, especially as a long term goal. New, flexible, and creative strategies are needed that, regardless of the times, can be used on an ongoing basis in a sustainable way, to ensure that the nation will maintain a dental care workforce with the skills and cultural competence to provide the care that the nation’s people deserve.